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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  April 28, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us on this sunday, april 28th. i'm carolyn tyler. let's start with a quick first look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning. dense fog for our friends in the north bay. and the central coast monterey. quarter to half-mile visibility. otherwise you are waking up to lower 40s had the north bay. 50s around san francisco, oakland and san jose. this afternoon plenty of sunshine at the cost. you will have mostly sunny conditions with low to mid-60s to the mid-and maybe a few upper 80s out toward our delta area. we are getting close to 90 degrees.
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we are talking about clear conditions this evening and the fog will be back. it will be patchy just along the immediate coast. our beaches so the sea breeze getting weaker and weaker day-to-day. and high pressure bringing more sunshine and above normal temperatures. looks like all week long. i'll detail that for you in just a few minutes. carolyn. >> thank you, lisa. >> a spike in muggings in san francisco's castro direct now has crime fighting activists hitting the streets. they are armed with information and distributing emergency whistles. abc7 news reporter sergio gets a lesson on how to use them. >> do you have a whistle on your key chain? >> no. >> we need a whistle! >> they are helping get the word out. >> i think people come here and think it's the gay mecca and
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there's a cloak of safety about it but we leave in a big city. >> they have seen a special surge in muggings, especially those on smartphones and not paying attention to their surroundings. the castro hasn't been immune from those attacks. >> someone stole my phone and a second person came from behind me and burned me down to the ground. >> this is the picture of the cuts and bruises he suffered from that attack last month. he's helping pass out safety kits put together by the sisters. there's a safety whistle. something that had been used to ward off gay bashings in decades past and now they have a new use. >> you should below over and over three times in a row. [whistle] and keep going until you have scared away the danger or someone comes to assist you. >> they reach out to encourage residents of the castro and visitors to get help if they are situation. coming forward and reporting is often a problem in this community. >> a lot of people in san francisco are from elsewhere. so they may have had a bad interaction with the police and
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so that mistrust might not be due to the sfpd but just of because where they are from. >> the community organizers are asking people not only to use the whistles if they are in distress but they are asking people to pay attention if they hear somsi ahistle. they are asking people to respond, be good witnesses and call 911. in the castro, abc7 news. new details in the search for a man who tried to kidnap a toddler in pittsburgh. police have released this sketch of a suspect who is accused of trying to grab a two-year-old right in front of her mother. abc7 news reporter lisa has more from pittsburgh. >> pittsburgh police are going door to door, asking for the public's help. >> this is a description of the suspect. if you see someone walking around the area, lease give us a call. >> they now have a sketch of the man accused trying to kidnap a two-year-old girl when she
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played in front of her house. man was walking along snowflake way when he saw the girl in the driveway. he grabbed her and took off running in this direction. little girl's mother screamed and he started chasing. that's when he dropped the child. he ran away, but may have been driving a maroon or burgundy ford explorer or a similar size s.u.v. >> it was scary to think it's that close and somebody would do something like that. >> police canvassed the area immediately after the attempted kidnapping. they also brought in specially-trained dogs that could pick up the suspect's accident. extra patrol through the neighborhood continues. >> it's tragic, it's terrible. we don't need that in our neighborhood. it's a shame. >> a little scary. we have a daughter that lives here, and it's a little frightening. >> police expanded their outreach effort, stretching it to businesses along willow pass road. >> this is a description of the suspect.
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this liquor store owner took action immediately because for him what happened yesterday just can't . >> i've got kids. i will grab him until the cops come. i have no problem with it. >> finding the suspect is a high priority for the police. they feel there's a good chance he will strike again. in pittsburgh, abc7 news. a manhunt continues in the sierra foothills east of stockton for a man who broke into a valley springs home. he stabbed a nine-year-old girl. she died of her injuries at a hospital. the girl was at home with her 12-year-old brother. police say the parents were nearby, but the children were home alone. the boy saw a man in the house, called his parents. they called 911. but the intruder left before any adults could get there. the sheriff's office launched a massive search for the suspect. they have been talking all night long to witnesses.
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>> we've used k-9s and airship and having people door to door on foot and we will continue to do that. >> state and federal police agencies have been called in to provide extra support in the ongoing hunt for the girl's killer. alameda county sheriff's deputy checking out a call in san lorenzo shot four pit bulls when they began attacking a sheriff's dog. it happened yesterday close to the hayward city line. two of those pit bulls died instantly and a third was shot in the paw and survived. the fourth dog was later put down by deputies at the request of the dog's owner a spokesman said they were looking for a drug and car theft suspect at the house when the pit bulls charged. a neighbor tells abc7 news deputies could have responded differently. >> sloppy. i just think it was sloppy and watching it it was sloppy. pow, pow, pow. i couldn't believe what i was seeing, the way they were shooting the dogs and watching them die there and the one suffer. that was the worst part. >> deputies say they had no choice but to shoot the pit
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bulls when they began attacking their k-9. a violent dispute between neighbors in contra costa county ended last night with one man shot several times in the upper body. police were called 6:45 to the homes at the end of rind court in oakley. the man is expected to survive. jury selection is expected to begin in san rafael for the trial of an accused serial killer. that's tomorrow. the 79-year-old man is charged with killing four women during the 1990s. the murders took place between 1994 and '97. the bodies of all four women were found along rural roads. medical examiners have testified they likely died of strangulation. the man was arrested in reno where he worked as a self-employed modeling photographer.
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he's been representing himself leading up to this trial. he could face the death penalty if he is convicted. >> coast guard officials say an engine leak led to a boat fire in the san francisco bay that sent one man to the hospital. four men were on that boat when it caught fire yesterday morning off candlestick point. you can see three of them on the boat. one is in the water there. all four were safely rescued. officials say the engine was leaking gas when the owner tried to fire it up. >> the engine started up again. as soon as it started up i heard a zap and poof and the next thing i know, flames. the flames were too big for us to handle at that point. >> our news camera hitched a ride with sfpd to see the boat. it was later towed to shore. three men were treated by paramedics. a fourth was briefly hospitalized for smoke inhalation and released. now to the latest developments in the boston bombings investigation. abc news has obtained a government document suggesting for the first time that the two suspects may have had outside help.
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here's abc news reporter gio benitez with the details. >> investigators are increasingly suspicious that the tsarnaev brothers had to have had technical advice to build their bombs. a government document obtained by abc news said the alleged bombers likely knew more about bomb making than that he could have learned from the al-qaeda magazine, "inspire." that raises the spectrum that the older brother tamerlan might have been trained in more advance bomb making on a trip he made to russia. >> did he receive training, what type, what individuals did he deal with. >> the younger brother spent his % full day here in a federal prison hospital at fort devens, about 40 miles from boston, much to the relief from the hospital where he was until friday. >> i'm pretty happy that he's not here anymore. >> as boston slowly and painfully heals, boylston street where the becomes went off
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reopened for people and for business. >> we are looking to move forward and we are looking to get back to our normalcy and let that process start. >> the bombings youngest victim, 8-year-old martin richard, didn't live to play in his fourth little league game of the season. he was remembered with jerseys bearing his name and his teammates honored him on the field with a moment of silence and this memorial painted in center field. abc news, boston. this morning big sur will host the first major california marathon since the becoming. 400 runners who participated in the boston marathon will join this race. they will wear blue jackets with the boston marathon logo. a total of 10,000 runners will take part. there will be extra security along the route. the race starts at 6:45 this morning. >> the weather there should be pretty nice, too? >> yeah, a little fog. the marine layer is pretty dense
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but it's also very shallow. we are talking less than 1,000 feet. here's a look from the sutro cam looking out toward mt. diablo. you see way in the distance it is clear. concord, the livermore valley. elsewhere the fog will burn off quicker for a warmer afternoon with more 80s, even close to 90 today. your forecast is next. >> thank you, lisa. also ahead, hundreds hoping to become a part of history this summer. they hope to join the america's cup. >> as i look in the mirror or and i have to admit, i'm not the strapping, young muslim socialist i used to be. [laughter] >> did you watch this last night? the president showing off his lighter side. a look inside the white house co
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today is the day some 400,000 unemployed california workers have been dreading. their unemployment gets cut we 18% starting today. it's due to the spending cuts that congress allowed to automatically kick in to reduce the deficit. state employment development department sent out notices earlier this month to people receiving unemployment checks, telling them the state will be getting $250 million less from the federal government. the average unemployed worker will now lose $52 per week in benefits.
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>> speaking of those spending cuts, flight delays caused by the furlough of air-traffic controllers will come to an end. the faa says all control towers will be fully staffed by tonight this comes after congress and the president passed an emergency bill last week to stop the funding cuts -- or the staffing cuts. it was quite the night last night in washington at the annual white house correspondence dinner. that's where stars, journalists and congressmen all come together call the prom for nerds. we have some of the highlights. >> it's unbelievable. i have 99 problems and now jay-z is one of them. >> the president got to deliver jokes and jabs at some people who rubbed him the wrong way, including the comment about attorney general camilla harris. >> in out in california, a fundraiser, having a nice time and i happened to mention camilla harris is the best looking attorney general in the country. as you might imagine, i got in
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trouble when i got back home. [laughter] who knew eric holder was so sensitive! >> i recognize this job can take a toll on you. i understand second term you need a burst of new energy, try some new things, and then my team and i talked about it. we were willing to try anything so we borrowed one of michelle's tricks. [laughter] [applause] >> it wasn't just the capitol hill crowd who attended the annual affair. that's san francisco mayor ed lee right there. he's back east making good on a super bowl bet with baltimore, and it appears he decided to make a stop in dc to hear what this year's host, conan o'brien, had to say. >> it's amazing to think how much our country has changed in 18 years. think about it. if in 1995 you told me wield
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if in 1995 you told me that in 2012 we an african-american president with the middle name hussein who was just re-elected to a second term in a sluggish economy, i would have said, oh, he must have run against mitt romney. [laughter] >> he last hosted the dinner in 1995. abc7 news. the city of oakland is celebrating the anniversary after national historic landmark. it's the paramount theater. last night the art deco preservation ball celebrated the 40th anniversary of the restoration of the theater. it's one of the finest art deco theaters remaining anywhere in the world. in 1973 the build was painstakingly restored after years of disrepair. the glittering murals, paintings and rugs look as good today as they did way back then. it really is a beautiful, beautiful building. >> our weather is going to be pretty lovely if you like it on the warm side, right? >> yeah." you have to check. what season? it doesn't really matter because it's not feeling like spring and we are getting the fog-like summer but as we go in the week
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ahead it will feel like fall as the fog disappears. as we take a look at live doppler 7hd. the last couple days of april. we are featuring dry conditions. low clouds and fog. not much of them, but they are hugging the shoreline. a little bit into the east bay. it's very dense, the fog, in the north bay and along the central coast. visibility has been reduced. here's a look outside our window and you will notice the fog. the low cloudiness from the east bay. 50 in san francisco. good morning, oakland. 54 for you, as well as mountain view with mid-50s along the coast. santa cruz at 51. we have cooler temperatures up in the north bay. you will notice that this marine layer really getting compressed as higher pressure is pushing down on the atmosphere. that's allowing for a quicker dissipation of the fog. the onshore flow really confined to about maybe two to four miles from the shoreline. so limited influence today. 44 santa rosa, 51 fairfield.
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napa 51 with union city and los gatos in the low 50s, as well. the forecast highlights once again low clouds and fog this morning. but much less than we had yesterday. so the burn off is quicker. we warm up quicker. the flow coming out of the north as higher pressure builds in, cutting off the sea breeze just a little bit. the 90s returning for much of next week. here's a look at our temperature profile. you will notice the fog. but by 8:00, 9:00, it's out of the immediate east bay. it's going to take until about 10:00 and then it clears the coast where we have 60s from ocean beach, half moon bay. stinson should be in the upper 60s and some 70s here closer to the shoreline. take a look. widespread 80s for much of the bay area. and 90s as you head toward the delta. visibility, we touched upon that earlier with just five miles. not too bad. look at novato. really the fog closing in on parts of the north bay. half-mile santa rosa and 9 miles in hayward.
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here's a look what you can expect in san jose. yesterday just about hit 80. the forecast today with temperatures in the mid-and upper 70s to near 80, maybe a little dip tomorrow. then look what happens throughout the rest of the week. we are claiming and the warmest day should be thursday and dropping off toward the end of next weekend. eats due to high pressure, how close it gets to the eastern pacific. as it builds on in, that's what the heat will come. but we have a weak system that will bear down to the north of us tomorrow. that's going to keep us kind of status quo today and tomorrow with very little change. the low clouds and fog kind of playing peek-a-boo with parts of the san mateo coast. otherwise we are warmer today, especially inland. high temperatures will range from the 90-degree mark around the delta to the low 90s as you head toward the sacramento valley with sacramento and chico 93. mid-80s for yosemite. low 70s in the northern sierra. the snow is just about gone but setting some records here
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yesterday. very warm, upper 70s in los angeles with comfortable 69 in san diego. high temperatures today around the bay ranging from the lower 60s half moon bay, lower 70s san francisco in south city with 75 in san mateo. 82 in san jose. here's the look ahead. we continue to get warmer and warmer throughout the next couple of days. by the end of the week the temperatures will drop back off. still above normal with plenty of 80s and 90s around the bay. abc7 news is another great weather resource for you. follow us on twitter with the latest weather conditions, rain or shine, video forecasts, spare the air alerts and weather tweets from your favorite weather team. we still have the range. it looks like wednesday and thursday the warmest days to come. >> my goodness. all right. thank you, lisa. straight ahead, how your phone could end up costing you more
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>> dan harris is joining us live from new york to tell us what you are working on. hejda, dan, good morning. >> good morning. i would like you to slightly
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amend that just to be your favorite show, not one of. just for the record. think about that. i'll tell what you is come up on the broadcast and we can discuss it on the other end. this morning wel talk about urgent new questions in the boston bombings. we've now learned back in 2011, in fact, russian authorities secretly taped a conversation between one of the suspects and her mom. it only reached american officials a few days ago. coming up, what was on that call and could it have helped prevent the attack or helped the fbi prevent the attack. also the bizarre new twists in the ricin case. first the prime suspect was this guy, an elvis impersonator. now it turns out there's a martial arts person who is under arrest. was it stemming from a personal feud between these two guys? also the boy wonder. his dad discovered this kid reading a newspaper with his 18-month-old during potty training. later the kids started asking so many questions about chemistry they had to bring in an expert
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to come in and answer those questions. what's it like to have a genius around the house. you will meet the child and the parents. and this dog behaves better than many human beings. we will show you, coming up in a little fixation, it's a calf he will cade of absurddy every morning. that and plus great cat videos and more coming up on gma on this sunday morning. see you then. >> looked like he was just drinking out of the toilet goal. >> yes. i promise you he does more than that. >> okay. all right. and you said you want me to say this is my favorite show? but, you know, you are neck and neck there with the harders buried alive. >> you know what? i'll take that. if i can be in the same category, good. let's call it done. >> all right, have a good sunday morning, okay? >> thank you, carolyn. >> always a pleasure to talk to you. >> you too.
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>> a new warning for smartphone users. your phone may be able to read your credit cards. technology that lets you use your cards instead of cash at the register is also on your smartphone. that means your phone can swipe credit information just by touching your wallet. apps have even been created that once uploaded automatically, start scanning for credit cards. >> coming up next, new details about the plane part found in an alley in new york city. what we've learned about where it came from. >> plus, one community is coming together later this morning for the 11-year-old boy who was wounded in the boston marathon bombing. i'm kira klapper. i'll tell you what they are doing, when it is, how you can be a part of it and have the latest in the strides in aaron hern's
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>> good morning, everyone. welcome back. we are starting this half-hour with a quick look at our weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning, to you. our marine layer is pretty dense. it's close to the ground. it is pretty much in oakland and san francisco. san jose a little bit of patchy
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fog. but it has cleared the east bay. we are looking at temperatures today as a result to come up with little bit. we are talking around the bay in the mid-60s to the upper 70s. so pretty nice day. numbers will be above normal at our coasts. we will see some sunshine. it should take until about 10:00, 11:00 this morning. then we are look at low to mid-60s. a couple areas may see the upper 60s. and inland starting out in the upper 60s but ending up in the mid-to upper 80s around concord and livermore. warmer than you were yesterday. 90s not too far off in the future. warmest days of the week will be wednesday and thursday. how warm and what happens in between and maybe into next weekend, i'll have those answers in a few minutes. carolyn. >> good deal. thank you, lisa. the bay area victim of the boston marathon bombings is on the road to recovery. 11-year-old aaron hern's family is receiving a lot of support from the martinez community.
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kira klapper joins us live from that community with details on a special fundraiser this morning. kira >> hi, carolyn. good morning to you. >> the community has come together. they have done several fundraisers to help support the family, businesses and others have donated a portion of their sales to the family. today there is a fun run mr. people come and donate. that will help the hern family with their travel expenses and medical costs. their son, 11-year-old aaron hern, was waiting for his mom near the boston marathon finish line when the second blast hit, sending shrapnel into his legs. he was released from the hospital a few days ago but he's still undergoing treatment for the wounds he suffered. on thursday aaron was able to lift himself out of his wheelchair and take a few steps, of course, with the help of his parents. today people can come. they can come in teams or by themselves. they can pay ten dollars for each individual. teens are a little less.
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five dollars for teens. that money, of course, will go to the hern family. the fundraiser will also have family events, venders, raffles, prizes, a dj. it will be a lot of fun. the registration starts at 9:40 this morning. then the actual fun run, you can run or walk, starts at 10:40. that's the time the boston marathon started so there's some significant there. if you can't make it, if you will like more information, go to our website, a about. c7 and click on "see it on tv." reporting live from martinez, kira klapper, abc7 news. >> great to see. aaron is on the road to recovery, as you said. thank you, kira. >> well, this morning at 1:00, abc's "this week" features top members of the house intelligence committee talking about the boston bombing investigation. were warning signs missed about the two brothers? did they cutoff the talking too
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soon? that's coming up on" this work" on abc7. boeing has confirmed a piece of landing gear discovered in an alley in new york city is from a 767, the same type of plane that crashed into the world trade center back on september 11, 2001. abc news reporter john shefron has the latest. >> a few blocks from ground zero, it's believed what is to be landing gear from one of the jets that crashed into the world trade towers. >> such a long period of time. i'm amazed what has been discovered right now. >> it's wedged between two buildings in a narrow alley that hasn't been touched in more than a decade. >> the space between the two buildings is only 18 inches. now the part has been measured to be 5 feet by 4 feet by 17 inches. >> authorities say it was found wednesday morning by workers doing construction on a controversial islamic cultural center. >> you see how confined this
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space is and realize the chaos that existed down here on this street, i think its unfathomable. >> authorities don't know how it got there. if you look closely, you can see there's a rope attached to it. >> could it have been lowered at some time? it's possible. you look to see if there are marks on the wall and there doesn't appear to be marks on the wall. >> with so many unanswered questions, authorities will now take their time combing through the rest of the area for other debris or even human remains. >> could there be remains of people? >> the medical examiner will do an in-depth examination of the site and see if in fact there are human remains there. >> and the alley where the piece of plane sits is now considered a crime scene. authorities will wait until tomorrow to determine how they are going to remove that plane part. hundreds who lined up alongside san francisco's waterfront this weekend will find out in just a few days if they have landed a summer gig at the america's cup concert pavilion.
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the venue's operator, live nation, is hiring around 100 seasonal workers. positions pay minimum wage, that is $10.55 an hour in san francisco. yesterday's job fair attracted a good number of people who want to be a part of the america's cup action. >> it's not that good for about san francisco's residents because of the economy and what you can get if you have experience and especially if it's in your city. >> people who applied will find out if they have been hired by the middle of the week. if you couldn't come to yesterday's job fair, you can still apply online. go to and click on "see it on tv." big crowds are expected to come to san francisco when the 34th america's cup sets sale september 7th. the event is expected to pump
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$300 million in the local economy. it will cost the city a pretty penny, too, around $34 million in police, cleanup and transportation costs. this regatta will be a smaller event. it's been downsized from 12 international teams to 3. this is now a 97 year tradition. this is opening day on the bay. that's a celebration marking the start of boating season. more than 100 northern california yacht clubs get together every year to celebrate boating season. there will be a boat parade on the bay from noon to three with over 120 historic vessels, classic and contemporary boats. there should be some great picture-taking opportunities, as just about anything that floats is likely to be out on the bay today. and in san francisco, it's a 150-year tradition celebrating the port of san francisco's contribution to the city's past, present and future. there is a big 150th birthday celebration at pier 39 starting 11:00 this morning. starting at six there is a gala reception at the historic ferry
6:38 am
building. not to be overlooked, the oakland yacht club is celebrating 100 years old today, make one of the oldest yacht clubs in the area. we traditionally put you the boat parade put on by the club every year near jack london square. today they will be decorating yachts again, taking part in opening day on the bay. >> coming up next, bay area business owners rekindle a longstanding battle with yelp. why have their reviews suddenly risen to the top? and we have a look at the roof cam showinga bit of the bay bridge. get ready for a warming trend a real heat-up. it could be close to 80 degrees at some point in week in san francisco alone. lisa argen will have your forecast.
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yelp is one of the first websites many people search for information about restaurants and other businesses. but since the service first began, some owners have accused yelp of rigging the ratings to favor companies that advertise with them. yelp says not so, but one san francisco restaurant owner is making a highly visible complaint.
6:42 am
>> come support me. >> you do a good job. >> she says friends and customers are supporting her after she took the unusual step of posting this sign in the window of her restaurant. stop the bully. boycott yelp. the owner claims good reviews were buried by bad ones after she declined to buy ads on yelp. >> they are tied to ads that you pay money a month. >> yelp strongly denies that saying ratings and advertising are completely separate. >> you can go on yelp and look at an advertiser's page and so they have negative reviews because it's impossible to please everybody all the time. >> you can also see otherwise who don't advertise and they have five star ratings. >> this one, happy clients who wrote nice reviews that disappeared right after a salesperson from yelp tried to sell me advertisement.
6:43 am
and store owner joanie burton told us this happened three years ago when she refused to buy ads. >> then all of a sudden some strange reviews came up, negative reviews. >> she said even today she's still doing battle with yelp and can relate. u.c. berkeley professor michael anderson researched the impact of yelp on restaurant demand during peak hours. his study found it does make a difference. >> we went from, say, 3.5 stars to 4 stars on yelp. you you might go from selling out maybe 40% of the time to selling out 60% of the time. >> according to yelp, 100 million people used the website last month alone and lawsuits accusing the san francisco-based company of extortion have all been dismissed. >> people trust the content. we would never do anything to jeopardize that trust. >> and he says that reviews show some people liked that restaurant and other people
6:44 am
don't. he thinks yelp is actually helping the owner's business. she disagrees, but the dispute with yelp is certainly raising her profile. she's getting supportive e-mails from all over the country. >> lisa argen is here now to talk about our weather for today and the coming week. i guess you could just say hot. >> yeah, we are definite hi bogey to warm up. warmest days wednesday and thursday. here's a look at the north bay from mt. tam. we seattle hole in the overcast. visibility a mile in santa rosa. we are clearing in parts of the bay. so the fog is not going to last. it will mean warmer weather and i'll have the numbers next. >> thank you, lisa. also ahead, the sharks final game of the regular season determines where they are headed for the playoffs. mike shumann has the highlights of last night's kings and sharks match-up coming up in sports.
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>> this really does not seem typical weather t seem more like what we get in september. >> for sure. we just went through that spell. >> yeah. >> it looks like the numbers are above average. we should get used to that, at least for the upcoming work week. you see the low fog and clouds behind us. live doppler 7hd and the low
6:48 am
cloudiness you see hugging the coastline from point reyes all the way down through the coast. it's worst there and we have a mild visibility up in santa rosa. but the marine layer continues to get compressed and that allows for, yeah, a lot of the sunshine to reach us sooner. this is a few from our sutro camera looking out toward mount diablo. 50 oakland. mid-50s down the line. mountain view, san jose and half moon bay and lower 50s santa cruz. almost like a beach day. here's a look at the bay bridge u see what's left of the low cloudiness. not much. we get into the sunshine soon around union city. it's already sunny and livermore at 50. santa rosa has been the cool spot with the low clouds and fog from santa rosa to napa. so our forecast highlights then today featuring just a little bit of that patchy low clouds and fog. that deck continues to be compressed and evaporates quickly, allowing for more sunshine and the warmer weather
6:49 am
today. we saw a few 10s yesterday. 90s coming our way. looking like wednesday and thursday. but today we will be flirting with the 90s well out into our east bay valleys. they will be moving closer toward the central bay. that could bring an 80-degree temperature close to san francisco come wednesday and or thursday. here's a look at what to expect this morning. the fog around the coast and bay just through about the 11:00 hour. then it should clear the coast. visibility quarter to half-mile from novato to santa rosa and not bad along the coast with five miles there. so we are looking at temperatures in livermore today already in the upper 80s. we will stay that way tomorrow. then we are in the low 90s tuesday and wednesday. the warmest day, depending where you are, will be wednesday or thursday here in the livermore valley with mid-90s in the temperatures and they will drop off toward next weekend. that's well above average. normally we should see just
6:50 am
about 80 north and south end of the bay for this time of the year. it's all due to high pressure. it's still offshore, but as it gets a little closer to us, the marine layer kind of disappears and the flow really coming out of the north in the days ahead. that sea breeze just confined to a couple of miles from the coast. high temperatures in the south bay mid-80s in los gatos to the upper 80s in morgan hill and gilroy. and mountain view and palo alto in the upper 60s as well as menlo park. plenty of 06ths with the sun along the coast. san francisco in the low 70s. up in the north bay look for highs ranging to plenty of mid-80s santa rosa's. ukiah. a nice day stinson beach will be in the mid-and upper 60s. if you want to head to the beach it will be cool with the clouds early and then they will disappear. 75 oakland today with 80 fremont. heading inland, here are the upper 80s today. 29 livermore. you have the air conditioning needed already.
6:51 am
not even may yet. here's a look at our game forecast. oakland low to mid-70s today with the light breeze. we will look for the numbers to get a little bit toasty towards the middle of the week. not much change tomorrow. maybe a few degrees. then wednesday, thursday, depending on if we get the southerly surge, that will keep us toasty around the bay. but san francisco should stay hot one to two days. you know how that trend goes. so if you like the cool air, head to the coast. >> you have the forecast for the a's game, but you know where i'm going tonight, the warriors. they will try to take a commanding three games to one series lead over the nuggets at oracle arena. tipoff for game four of the nba playoff is 6:30. last night the giants tried to stop a three-game losing streak against the padres. here's schu. he has your highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning. the giants struggling. they have lost four straight
6:52 am
games. last night's extra-inning affair in san diego. they will try to right the ship today and prevent a sweep. i see the future. brandon crawford shortened his swing in the off-season and it's working. two men on, three run shot off erik stoltz. his fifth of the year. 3-0, g-men. he draws in two. he lasted 3 2/3 innings. 6 runs on 6 hits. hundreder pence retakes the lead in the fifth. buster posey scoring from first. 7-6, giants. padres tie it in the seventh inning. the rib single. seventh inning and win then we go to extras. nick huntley, a rocket to second. scutero boots it. don't see that often. giants fourth straight loss. 8-7, your final. oakland honoring their 1997 world championship team with reggie jackson throwing out the
6:53 am
first pitch. the two-run bomb off aj griffin. ties the game with one swing of the bat. next batter. with former "a" looking on. see ya. seven strike outs in 7 innings. a's got no offensive help. bases loaded for jed lowry, a game-ending double play. a's four straight losses. cespedes returns today from the dl. sharks with their final regular season game in l.a. a win over the kings and they start the postseason in st. louis. a loss, they begin the playoffs in vancouver. and ditto for the kings. the two rivals do not like each other. second period, clifford gets the kings on the board. shot in the air and knocks in his own rebound. 1-0, l.a. sharks answer 49 seconds later. logan couture. his team-leading 21st goal of the year, ties it at one. and slava voynov, shot deflects off sharks james sheppard. 2-1, l.a. watch the passing for the kings. dustin penner to brad richardson
6:54 am
behind the net. feeds justin williams. counts it. 3-2, your final. sharks start the playoffs in vancouver. the kings in st. louis. >> that's the way the ball bounces. i'm mike shumann. see you again tonight at five. have a great day. >> extra perfect day for a bike ride. why hundreds will be riding their bicycles around san francisco today for
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:57 am
>> if you are not out on the bay in a boat, you might be riding a buck. city fun ride today. bicyclists will be pedaling to benefit the rec and parks department. it has a goal of raising $100,000 so the city can put new bike racks in san francisco parks. it starts at 7:00 this morning in the china basin mission bay district. it should be great weather for that, lisa. >> for the yachts. >> the yachts, the bikes, whatever. >> 70s and 80s today. more of those than the 60s. those will be just confined to the coast with lower 70s in san francisco. mid-70s in the look ahead. we are looking at 90s inland," 80s around the bay, mid-60s at the coast. warmest days are wednesday and thursday and we should cool off next weekend. today warmer than yesterday but one of the cooler days all week long. >> all right. that will do it for us. thank you for joining us, i'm
6:58 am
carolyn tyler along
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning, america. this morning -- wires crossed. we're learning russian authorities secretly taped a phone call in 2011 in which one of the boston bombings suspects discussed jihad with his mother. but they only told u.s. officials about it a few days ago. so, could the terror attack had been prevented? washed out. flash flooding forces people to abandon cars and head for higher ground. look at what happened at this gas station. severe weather hits the south. find out where the storms are heading next. comedian-in-chief. president obama takes the mike at the annual white house correspondents' dinner. >> these days when i look in the mirror, i have to admit that i'm not the strapping young muslim socialist i used to be. >> the president pulled few


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